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Sarah Little Drum, is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from the hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Currently living in Salt Lake City, she is a solo-artist as well as a member of several musical projects including; The Backyard Revival (lead vocals, ukulele, guitar , mandolin), Year of the Dog (Vocals, Ukulele, Accordion) , Uma Fuzz (vocals, guitar) and The Gorgeous Gourds (vocals, guitar, tambourine). Stylistically, she is best known for her impressive vocal range, which allows her to move between genres easily. Currently, she is working within the genres of; folk, americana, rock, funk, jazz, blues, and electronic. Like velvet air or wet satin, her solo work blends her voice with the distinctly warm tones of her baritone ukulele and acoustic guitar to weave together modern Folk/Americana tunes. Acoustic textures and poetic lyrics blend with her surreal and seductive inflections to create a unique sound that she sometimes calls “Dream Torch”. Her sound is contemplative and heart opening, with subtle jazz and blues influences, Bring tissues and a hand to hold, as her songs have been known to bring tears to the eye! Her rock band Uma Fuzz has just released their debut album Question Show, and Sarah is currently recording albums with both The Backyard Revival and The Gorgeous Gourds.

As a child, Sarah was drawn to the creative arts. From the age of 6 she began writing poetry and studied dancing, singing and theater throughout grade school . While studying at University of Pittsburgh, at the age of 22, Sarah began writing songs and at 25 she dedicated her life to a career in music. At 30, she now has a catalogue of over 70 songs, and often writes them in one sitting, drawing from poems and phrases she collects in her phone, journals, and scrap pieces of paper.

In 2016, Sarah moved from Boston, MA to Salt Lake City, UT and quickly fell in love with it’s supportive and close-knit community. Here, her artistic development blossomed and her style began to be influenced by local artists and western sounds that inspired her.

She has since continued to share her music throughout various bars, venues, festivals, and house parties all over Utah. Within her first year of gigging she completed over 30 shows ( now over 300), and has appeared on local radio and TV stations including 90.9 KRCL, 95.3 DNH and PCTV. She has been featured at the Sundance Film Access showcase two years in a row (2017 and 2018) and has performed at acclaimed local venues such as The Stateroom, Urban Lounge, Kilby Court, O.P. Rockwell, Garage on Beck, The Hog Wallow Pub, Quarters, Silver Star Cafe, Boneyard Saloon, Metro Music Hall, and many more.

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